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2101g - Black Amphibolite

2101g - Black Amphibolite


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Introducing Black Amphibolite from Australia, a rare metamorphic rock with a captivating black color. Formed through volcanic activity millions of years ago, this stone showcases a unique composition of minerals including amphibole, garnet, feldspar, and quartz.

Discovered during a 19th-century geological expedition, Black Amphibolite's deep black hue and striking appearance caught the attention of scientists and enthusiasts alike. Its polished surface and interplay of light and dark minerals create a visually intriguing texture that adds sophistication to any space.

With its durability and strength, Black Amphibolite is a versatile material suitable for various applications. Whether used as a statement piece in interior design, incorporated into jewelry, or utilized in architectural features, this rock exudes timeless beauty and can withstand the test of time.

Embrace the natural elegance of Black Amphibolite, a symbol of Australia's geological heritage, and infuse your creative projects with its exceptional allure.

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