Why Pick The Jade Guys As Your Supplier?

The BC nephrite jade industry has three mining companies. One stands out above them all owning the Kutcho, King, Cassiar and Polar claims. We are the distributors for this mining outfit and can therefore offer the best prices possible on the famous BC nephrite Jade. We are the source!

What Kind of Products Do We Offer?

Our specialty is Rough Green Nephrite Jade from British Columbia. We provide this stone by the parcels, pallets, and seacans. In addition to BC Nephrite, we stock other varieties of nephrite and jadeite from around the world in small quantities and are leading up to offering nephrite jade jewelry and crystal decor products by 2024.

How to Open a Wholesaler Account?

Simply prove that you are a reseller. Via our Wholesale Registration Form, or during an in-person visit to our shop, show us or provide any one of the following:

  • GST / TIN number registered with a business in this field
  • PST number registered with a business in this field
  • Your website
  • Your business card

We need to see something that pertains to rocks and proves you intend to resell our products. Once you have supplied this information and agreed to our terms and conditions, staff will approve your wholesale account and you may begin accessing online and in-person discounts.

How Can You Shop With Us?

You may shop via video chat (our recommended method), through our website, or in-person.

Requesting a video chat during appointment times (see below) is the best way to see the nephrite better and see exactly what you are picking. Especially when you want to choose a large, statement piece to wow your customers or guests, our video chats via Zoom, Instagram, and WhatsApp are “the next best thing to being there.”

Visiting our website after submitting your proof of intent to resell via email, and receiving confirmation of account registration. As soon as you receive our confirmation, you can sign into your Jade Guys profile and access wholesale prices online.

Visiting us in-person allows you to see so much more than we post on the website. You might catch sight of pieces we may not show you in a video chat. When you are onsite, you can hand-select anything you like from our Storefront or storage yard, inspecting and touching any of our fabulous items that pique your interest. The jade storage yard is 30 minutes away from our showroom and appointments are required to visit it.

Appointment Times:

Currently, we ask you to make an appointment with us to shop wholesale via video chat and at our storage yard.

When can I make an appointment?

Thursdays and Fridays: 10am to 5pm PST
Please contact us to set up an appointment.

What Are Your Wholesale Prices?

Our Retail and Wholesale prices are transparent and visible for everyone to see. Click on the button below to view a graph showing the rates for BC Nephrite rough in bulk. All other discounts are visible after account approval.

Minimum order value for each first wholesale purchase must be $1000 CAD or more. Future purchases must be of $500 or more. Both, after discounts are applied.

What Are Your Shipping Costs?

Shipping and freight will be at the buyers expense.

Shipping of parcels will be handled by Rubble Rock and Gem, and invoiced to the customer.

Freight shipments will be packaged by Rubble Rock and Gem and all legal documents required for brokerage and customs will be provided by Rubble Rock and Gem. However, pick up, transport and brokerage of freight will be dealt with by the customer. If Rubble Rock and Gem is to organize the full delivery of freight, there will be additional fees associated with this. Freight will not move until all invoices are paid.

Take a look and see how we pack our pallets in the informational video provided below.