About Us

I started “The Jade Guys” because BC Jade is my local stone. Born, raised, and still living in BC, I got into Jade carving in my early 20’s. First, I was just a hobbyist making jewelry, then I opened Rubble Rock and Gem in Vancouver, BC. It was just supposed to be an attempt at “having a little rock shop”- within 5 years, it had grown to be the largest in Canada.
Throughout the years of growth with the rock shop business, employing lapidaries overseas for cutting, and mass producing jewelry, etc.- I got to know Matt and Kirk, the main miners of BC Jade. Eventually our relationship grew and we decided to let me deal with distribution, while they focus on mining. So here we are… providing you the best of BC Nephrite Jade- whether that be a small piece or a container full, we’ve got you covered. 

Adam Kelliher
Owner of The Jade Guys

- January 2023