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1106 kg - B+ grade

1106 kg - B+ grade

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BC, Canada





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British Columbia Jade is composed of the mineral nephrite, a form of calcium and magnesium silicate. It is known for its toughness and durability.

Structure: Nephrite is fibrous, with a structure appearing like DNA strands (double helix) when viewed under a microscope. The interlocking fibers are knit tightly and compact, which is why the stone is so tough- on a molecular level, the molecules have nowhere to go. You'll notice this in the weight of Nephrite Jade.

Color: BC nephrite only exhibits a range of green colors, including dark green, light green, and mottled green with variations in intensity. The color is influenced by the presence of iron and other trace elements in the stone.

Cultural Significance: Jade has been highly valued for thousands of years in many cultures around the world, including in China, Central America, and New Zealand. In Chinese culture, jade is considered a symbol of beauty, purity, and nobility. It is believed to have protective and healing properties and is often associated with good luck and fortune.

Mining: Nephrite is mined in Northern British Columbia. The majority comes from in-situ deposits. Alluvial boulders (pushed around by glaciers) are also a prominent source nearby the deposits up North. Nephrite Jade is found in rivers throughout BC, however the quality is always C or lower from these sources. The surface of nephrite will tell you if it is hard rock mined or found elsewhere- because hard rock mined stones have a coarse surface, whereas stones that have been exposed to the abrasion of glaciers and rivers are smooth.

This rough jade has been photographed wet & dry to help you visualize the finish. It has been graded to the best of our ability, by an expert gem/jade carver. Learn more about how we grade jade by visiting our "Grading Breakdown Page".

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